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We like thinking dreams are worth to be protected, with a similar care and love as a mother takes care of her baby. For this reason every product we create is thinking on giving mothers only the most beautiful, high quality and natural options for baby care.

Sharing the look book of our Organic Cotton Collection.


In Peru we have two of the finest natural fibers in the world: Alpaca and Cotton. Peru is the biggest exporter of Alpaca products, concentrating the 80% of the world population of alpacas. Moreover, it has the softest and best quality Organic Cotton in the world.

We use the Alpaca and Organic Cotton to natural dye it and get beautiful and unique colors that are part of our color stock. With this unique Alpaca and Organic Cotton, we hand knit with needles and crochet delicate clothing and accessories for children, women, men and others.

Why Alpaca? Because is natural, light, warmer than wool and is hypoallergenic.

Why Organic Cotton? Because is fresh, soft and it does not contain chemicals that can produce allergies. It takes care of your skin and the health of the farmers that are exposed to the usage of chemical for the growing of the conventional cotton.

Why hand made? We choose to do hand made for three reasons: firstly, to preserve a traditional skills that is part of our culture and that continues being inherited from parents to children, secondly, because a hand knitted product is unique, is beautifully different from products massive made and last one is because we want to generate opportunities for the women and men that love this art and want to generate a fair wage a have a decent living. Did you know that in Peru, men also knit? (You can google “men knit in Taquile”).

As a result, we are in love with our Peruvian natural fibers, natural dyes and hand made. Is our willingness to keep every piece we knit as natural as possible and offer our customers high quality products that distinguish from the rest.

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Our products are organized in categories:

  • Children clothing like: sweaters, pants, coats, bonnets, blankets.
  • Women and men clothing and accessories like: sweaters, hats, scarves, shawls.
  • Functional toys.
  • Home blankets.
  • Sheep rugs.
  • Sheep cushion covers.

If you can’t find a category of product you need, please feel free to contact us and send your inquiry.

Happy to help. Happy to hear from you. Always.

Meet the knitters

Constantina, Dionisio, Mario and the group Inmaculada Concepcion give life to our Textile Line conformed by 60 people in average. Let us share pictures, products, stories, smiles and the background of the women and men that are part of the PERULAND ALL NATURAL family.



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